Tim Fite

He’s a little bit country; he’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll; he’s a little bit hip-hop. He’s straight outta Brooklyn. He’s Tim Fite. Basically, Mr. Fite builds songs around hip-hop loops and beats, infusing the tracks with folk’s lyrical sensibilities. “Away From the Snakes,” for example, follows country’s song template: “I lost my dog, I lost my wife, I lost my money.” Then, on “No Good Here,” he’ll fracture an upbeat, diddy-of-a-riff, with rock’s explosive power. Consider him Beck’s East Coast brother-in-arms, ten years later, but mining the same, largely untapped source of urban-folk gems. If cursing offends, beware. If cursing delights, dig in.

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  • Love this album. Highly recommended.

  • Luis Amendola

    don't know why but reminds me a bit of red hot chilli peppers.

  • deeb

    Love it. His Water Island side project is nice too.
    His former bandmate Shank Bone Mystic has also just released a superb new album with his band SBMP.

  • I love this song, “no good here”.
    Hopefully he plays a show for us Brooklynites sooner rather than later.

  • Kai

    I am so glad to see positive comments about Tim Fite. He is awesome at what he does. Everything he does i like. 🙂 I recommend anything having to do with him.