Tender Forever

Melanie, my favorite French street-artist-turned-K-Records-stalwart, has released her second LP Wider. Her live show that I caught several years is one of my favorite live shows of the past ten years. To quote myself in our Junk Drawer: “Holy moly, Melanie was incredible, part musician/poet/child/dancer/manipulator/artist/provacateur/comic/songwriter. And her voice live is so loud, so strong, so filling.” She set up on the floor in front of the stage for maximum audience interaction, which involved her punching me in the stomach, taking and wearing my wife’s coat, and rifling through the pockets of my friend Vince. With her new album, she continues to craft her electronic performance-pop, with sweet melodies and varying tempos, harmonizing with herself about love and life.

Original post 10/12/2005:
As previously mentioned, my personal goal of attending all shows by 3hive bands in my hometown has been quite a failure, coming in right now at about 3 out of who knows…10? 20? 30? That’s gonna improve slightly when Tender Forever comes to town on November 6 with His Royal Highness of Indiedom Calvin Johnson. A musical journey from Bordeaux, France, to Olympia, Washington, can only mean one thing: exquisite Franco-American pop. Melanie Valera and friends, see you soon.


  • Lonnie

    thank you, for introducing me to some of the greatest music of my life, which i would have never known.

  • travis

    when i downloaded Happy Birthday, it said the artist was The 45's…?

  • Travis, Tender Forever had a little project with slew of other bands, including Squeeze Me | Squeak and DTOMDOM, called “the 45 songs.” That’s why the tag says the 45s. Some more info can be seen at http://www.takemybreathaway.net/showsreports.html.

  • travis

    oh, ok, cool, thanks

  • Elizae

    Is this CD available for sale yet? It says on http://www.takemybreathaway.net that it would be released some time this year, but I cannot find it. Also, you had mentioned that they will be coming to town on the 6th. Is that true? If so where are they playing?
    I LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Tender Forever and Calvin Johnson are on a 2 month mega-tour. You can see the dates and locations at http://www.krecs.com/html/shows/.
    Oops, I goofed. I’ll be seeing them November 17th. On November 6th, I’ll be seeing xbxrx.

  • nyc

    CD out on K Recs sometime soon, if not up for mailorder already? Live- so good!