The weather has finally started to turn to winter out here in Utah, with plenty more cold and gray days to come. I’m glad that I just stumbled onto Bears new single, “Eleven a.m.”, from their forthcoming album Greater Lakes, to be released February 14 on Misra Records. I’ve listened to the song several times now and have found that their warm pop melodies are a perfect remedy for the winter blahs.

Bears – Eleven a.m. from Greater Lakes (2012)

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  • What an awesome song, I’ve never even heard of Bears… which probably says more about me than them. Thanks for posting this though! Between them and Jesse Thomas’ new album War Dancer,¬†February 14th is gonna leave me broke… and then there’s that whole Valentine’s Day thing : /

    -D.L. Cade

  • They played Akron recently and killed it! Really like this song. Thanks!!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta love them bells in the right ear. ¬†That’s what make the song!

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