Glenn Jones

I’ve been sick with some damn virus for the past week. I’ve tried all kinds of things to get better, and so far I’m still feeling pretty lousy. Thank goodness for Glenn Jones’ new album on Thrill Jockey, My Garden State. This chilled-out, timeless guitar album has been just the medicine to get me through the long days of couch surfing and feeling like trash. Standout track “Across the Tappan Zee” (below) shows Glenn’s skills on the Banjo, along with¬†Laura Baird’s banjo skills as well. I love this song and can’t get enough of it. Check it out. I hope you dig it as much as I do. Enjoy.

Glenn Jones РAcross The Tappan Zee from My Garden State (2013)

Thrill Jockey

  • Really beautiful stuff. Thanks for the tip. I could see how this would have some healing properties!

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing – I’m about to buy the album right now

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