Postal Service

Now that our beloved Postal Service appear destined to become a Harvard Business School case study, Sub Pop is scrambling to keep up with demand. Pending some new original material, that means releasing Give Up on vinyl with a bonus (if you don’t already own the CD singles, that is) 12-inch of B-side covers, like Iron & Wine’s tender rendition of “Such Great Heights,” and remixes, wherein dance music for bookworms gets transformed into, well, dance music. Included here is an example of the latter, and a couple for the uninitiated…what few of you are left.

8 Replies to “Postal Service”

  1. I love The Postal Service! I am really looking forward to more out of both of these guys. They are extremely talented – and are a great combination.

  2. “Like who shot Jonh F. Kennedy? It was just a man with something to prove, Slightly bored and severly confused he, steadied his riffle with the target at the center. And became famous on that day in November” Man I wish I could learn how to write such righteous lyrics.

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