A Hasidic reggae sensation. It sounds like a sitcom setup that inevitably ends in “Now I’ve really seen it all!” And I’ll admit that when I saw Matisyahu for the first time, the gangly visage in a black suit and hat and traditional beard, combined with a voice perfectly trained for staccato wordplay, was as disorienting as Michael Bolton bustin’ out with a rhyme that would make Jay-Z blush. Yet despite being the last guy you’d expect to find himself in a waka-waka rhythm, Matisyahu comes legit with lyrics often steeped in religious imagery which, like Bob Marley’s Rastafarianism or even Bono’s Catholicism, never cross over into dogma. It’s in those lyrics that Matisyahu’s conceit comes into focus: Zion, Babylon, salvation, temples, princes and kings — whether Jamaica or Jerusalem, reggae at its core is rebel music for true believers. Matisyahu is true, and he’s bound to make some new believers of his own.

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  1. Sometimes it feels like you guys are reading my mind about the music you post. I visited the site a couple of days ago looking for some insight on Mastisyahu. Thanks for posting the links and song.
    I’ve since purchased the Live at Stubbs disc and find the music to be very intriguing, if not for everyone.

  2. WOW – Matisyahu is GREAT! He's as wonderful and heart-felt as Bob Marley was – thanks for allowing me to discover him. Hope he comes to Los Angeles soon.

  3. I’m always amazed by people that think Judaism and reggae are a strange fit. It’s not like black people and Jewish people aren’t some of the world’s most oppressed people of all time. It makes total sense to me.

  4. First time I saw a clip of Matisyahu video I was amazed, pleased, inspired, and entertained. The band is awesome. Since I am a musician, I know. The whole thing is quite unique. And I can tell that this guy is not some poser/pretender. This guy is one of a kind. I've been listening to his CD on the way to work and back almost every day for past few weeks. Shalom.

  5. Hey guys, this dude (who I never though he existed) is awesome, I was watching Comedy Central yesterday and I saw a brief commercial ad about Matisyahu, listened to the music and I got hooked. Out of curiosity I googled him and found his web site, great music, great beat, this guy has enormous potential.

  6. My brother and I was watching IMF channel "worlds best videos" and we seen this band playing a live video of " King without a crown" , and we were amazed. Blew away I was and I had to hear it again. It is by far the best song video i've ever seen on that channel. I must say he will sell some merchandise to me for sure. If you havent heard that song or any from him you must. Stop whatever your doing and listen asap. Much love

  7. Matisyahu is truly amazing. I sat watching this video and listening to the toons with my jaw in dropped mode. Best thing i have heard in years….

  8. Everytime I listen to “King Without a Crown”, it makes me weep with joy. He sings with such intensity and gut-feeling that it makes my soul fly.

  9. If yall think this man is good on wax and video you need to see him live! I saw him at Reggae on the Rocks in Colorado this summer and he blew everyone away. People were watching with there jaws dropped. I have attended Reggae on the Rocks for the past 8 years only 2 other acts stand out to rival Matisyahu. The first was Lee Scratch Perry and the Mad Professor and the second act was all of Bob Marley's sons last year. See Matisyahu while he still plays small venues, and while his ticket prices are still reasonable. I have bought 4 tickets for his next show in Denver and I am also going to buy one for his show in Boulder two nights later. I'm going to buy a ticket for my girlfriend's sister who is studding abroad in London so she can see him there. He only Beat Boxed on the Live at Stubb's album for about 2 minutes. In concert he Beat Boxed for 10-15 minutes. You have to see him live.

  10. Great music! Me gusta mucho, siege con tu alegria! I pray for the Isrealites. And remember what the Lord said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is Near”. Peace – God Bless Israel and those who back her up!! Soy Mexicano

  11. This is what the Christian faith is all about. This sincerity, passion, and freedom. People have been given a bad example of an instituion not a relationship.

  12. Oooh…delicious. Could dine out on those grooves forever. Thought it was some sort of joke when I first clapped eyes on him, but he's a true original. Please, someone get him to London now!

  13. Yeah another KROQ fan here, I stick with hardcore and metal, and usually dont listen to faith related music (no offense) but his intensity and talent is admirable. Good music is good music, I love songs like this that take me out of my rocker comfort zone and go “Wow…this amazes me”

  14. Matisyahu is one of the most inspirational raggae artists I’ve heard in a while. Unlike Sean Paul and Elephant Man Matisyahu is like shed of new light in the reggae world. He digs deep into his soul and at times the souls of other’s to bring out the best in him. That is why Matisyahu is a close quintessence of ispiration. I hope he continues his work.

  15. i had first heard this song when i was at a sam goody. it sounded awesome. then i heard it on the radio, and decided that i had to find this song. and now i have. thanks very much. this is an awesome song, to the fullest extent. i’ll most definitely be checking out their other material.

  16. Matisyahu has a chance to change the way people in general look at music i hope he can continue to put out music like this.

  17. I INSTANTLY fell in love with Matisyahu from the first second I heard "King without a Crown" Live version on VH1. I am amazed b/c I didn't expect he'd be well known and liked and here I go online and I am VERY pleasantly relieved that he's getting the response of instant love from everyone!!! I'm thrilled that so many people are experiencing the same incredible feelings that I've gotten from him and his music!!!

  18. Wow this is real good music matisyahu is something out of this world. The rest better watch out, im praying that god will use him big, to get out there and do his work. He will impact alot of people in beautyfull ways.:-)

  19. Wow, i have never heard reggae like this. i saw hsi new video watching FUSE one day and I was getting chills down my spine. Listening to his music has inspired me. Though im a christian, its all the same god to me. I hope he starts a genre one day, because im a singer myself.

  20. I sincerely thank the Lord for bringing Matisyahu in the world. God Bless him and his endeavor. I am pleasantly surprise to see the return of the conscious reggae. I hope he stays in his word and create his music for the almighty JEHOVAH. and give all his glory to Jah but not to himself. Give Thanx and Praise Continually.

  21. this Matisyahu iz singin some good songs. i hope he dont get caught up in fame and foutrne and lose what he started off with
    one love…bless

  22. We saw his show last night at Seattle's Showbox. Big disappointment due to the incredible volume. It was so load…..understanding a word was impossible. Ears were ringing even after putting in my trusty earplugs. Had to leave after 6 or 7 songs because it was stupid watching him without hearing the voice or the lyrics. Please tell whoever to cut volume by 95%. His performance demands a conservative music background.

  23. This guy is unbelievable. I have never heard anything that inspires me so much. The best reggae i have heard of. Rock On

  24. I cant believe their can be such good music…fist song I herd I love this Guy…King without a Crown, really got me…I love the rythm and the rap he comes up with…and even thou I aint Jewish to understand most of the words he sings about…theirs still a connection that all youth and ppl. can feel…from all races and religions…

  25. yo the first time king without acrown was on the radio i went nuts about this guy I think he is the best thing since bob marley with a sublime feel and a hint of dave

  26. Metisyahu has bridged the music world gaps with a spiritual message that all can relate to, including myself, a 48 year old turned on by my sons to this metaphysical message. Like Bob Marley, and to me, an American artist like Todd Rundgren (also from Pennsylvania, check out his album “Healing”), a message of spiritual encouragement is just what alot of us are clamoring for; Metisyahu”s performance at San Francisco’s “Ragga Muffins Festival” on 02/25/06 left me floored. His 3-piece band provided all the backdrop he needed, and he delivered the rest. I never thought I would live to see the day that a Universalist Spiritual Message would be as accepted as it has been by Jews and non-Jews alike. It is a testament to Metisyahu’s powerful compositions that have compelled so many to need to pay attention, and find meaning. As a homeboy from New Rochelle, a musician as well, this Westchester County native has made me proud, and indeed, a fan.

  27. i first saw matisyahu in MTV, Got No Water video. It was incredible and i believe there was something more after hearing all different reggae tunes… it was unique and so different from the rest. Hit it here in the Philippines!!!

  28. Saw his show last night at the Hammerstein, loud, loud, too loud, great energy, but his first CD will probably be his best work, and the music is definetly infectious, and puts you in a good mood.

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