New Buffalo

Here’s the message Liz sent us: “I’d like to direct your attention to a wonderful Australian musician, Sally Seltmann, aka New Buffalo. I saw her play here in Hobart at the start of the year and apart from being a stunningly beautiful woman, she has an amazing voice and writes songs that tear at your heart.” No kidding. And thanks, Liz, you really made my week. I saw a piece on Ms. Seltmann in The New York Times over the summer, but recycled the paper too soon and couldn’t remember her or the band’s name. After downloading these songs — especially the hypnotic, saxophone-laced “I’ve Got You and You’ve Got Me” — I’m even happier you sent that message. It came just in time for New Buffalo to make my end of the year top ten list.

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  1. I saw her when she came to my university opening for Broken Social Scene. It's so great she made it on here. She was amazing!

  2. Saw her open for Feist. It was amazing. People complain about her lack of stage presence, but if you listen to the songs, you'll see that those people are just plain fucking stupid. Very charming woman.

  3. Thanks for the latter two tracks. Good stuff, indeed. The first of those I heard on a sampler awhile back however and I think it’s pretty weak..

  4. Haha, that’s so funny. 15 seconds in to “I’ve got you and you’ve got me” I said to myself, “I’ve heard this before”. The next thought was, “I’ve seen her in concert, but where?” I too was privileged enough to see her very short set opening for Feist in Vancouver. She looked like a junky, wearing an oversized, low quality bright red dress that was basically falling off her shoulders, and her hair all over the place.

  5. Imagine what her children will be like! She’s married to former Avalanche-r Darren Seltmann.
    New Buffalo makes me cry, but in a happy way.

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