Given the Great Polarizing Talking Heads Comparison of 2005, I will attempt to describe Protokoll without referring to any beloved bands from the past four decades. Okay, here goes… Protokoll is a GANG OF FOUR scrawny, unshorn lads from Boston. It’s a real JOY to see such a young band blur the DIVISION between style and substance. While Protokoll’s nervous, synthy punk often bears all the charm and warmth of a BAUHAUS structure, one mustn’t INTERPOLate from that a lack of feeling. Jose De Lara’s dark, stoic vocals belie very simple and very HUMAN sentiments which alone puts Protokoll in a LEAGUE apart from the more fashion-conscious derivative acts of their vintage. This will set them apart down the WIRE, if they continue writing such memorable songs. There, that wasn’t so hard.

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