The Heavy Blinkers

People seemed to like the orchestral pop of Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki the other day, so I thought I’d pitch a Canadian take on the same genre to you. Hailing from Halifax, The Heavy Blinkers have some serious ’70s pop sensibilities — I mean, there’s even a smooth trombone solo in “Try Telling That To My Baby,” title song of the newest Blinkers’ album. With all the strings, horns and soft backing vocals, you practically have an ELO record. Not that I remember ELO, but my dad did have one of their 8-tracks, which would probably be the ultimate medium for The Heavy Blinkers.

6 Replies to “The Heavy Blinkers”

  1. I've listened to "Try Telling That To My Baby" more times today since I downloaded this than I care to say. I want to continue listening to it also. I think I have a problem now. Anyway go their website and check out the video for the song. Wow!

  2. Love this song. Its getting me through my revision. Although I'm doing more dancing than actual reading. Makes me think of happier times. Indeed it is great sunshine pop!

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