Blitzen Trapper

File this one under my favorite band that I completely missed in 2006. This despite the fact that plenty of fine sites have been trying to hit me over the head with Blitzen Trapper’s simultaneously spacey and homey sound. “Texaco” is a straight up country joint, the whining of a slide guitar punctuating the wavering vocals while “Summer Twin” floats and hovers about like one of XTC’s psychedelic efforts. The two tendencies come together on “Pink Padded Slippers.” Pure listening satisfaction. Don’t miss “40 Stripes,” a throwback to solid AM-worthy, classic rock standards and the electro-funk of “Love I Exclaim!” The band’s two self-released albums are available on CD Baby where a fan beautifully sums up Blitzen Trapper: “[they] sound like they’re trying to paint the Sistine Chapel with a box of crayons.”

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  1. Wait until you hear the new album… it’s a killer. As enjoyable as “Field Rexx” is, the new album blows it out of the water.
    And no, I’m not being paid to say that.

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